Sai power plus

Description About this product:-

SAI POWER PLUS is a liquid fermented Organic Manure. It derives from various organic material through fermentation process. Sai Power Plus is 100% Organic in nature, so it is eco- friendly and it will have no adverse effect to plants, soil & environment. Sai Power Plus consists of all nutrients that gives better plants growth, flower stimulation and yield boosting in very short period in a faster way.

Why Sai power Plus Use?

  • Increase Crop Production By 50%
  • Reduce Use of Fertilizer up to 70% and above
  • Increases soil Microbial Status and Soil fertility.
  • 100% Organic, NO Chemicals
  • NPOP Certified
  • Approved by Indian Agriculture Research Centre (ICAR – NRRI – Cuttack)

Application: - SAI POWER PLUS can be applied in all agricultural and horticultural crop at vegetative as well as reproductive stage. SAI POWER PLUS is also can be used as soil application.

Ingredients: -                                   Composition

As per FCO Specification:

Total Organic Carbon % by Wt             : 14%

Total N, P2o5, & k2o nutrient (%)         :1.2

C: N Ratio                                             : <20

PH                                                         : 5.5-8.0

Conductivity (dsm-1)                              : 4

“Heavy metal contains with in permissible limit.”

Doses: - Mix 1-1.5ml per Lit water depending on the crop or 250 ml per acre volume and spray on crops.

Registered By: Australia, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Iran

Warning: -Since the use and handling of the product is beyond our control. We do not assume any responsibility other than uniform of the product.